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An Invitation to the Fox Valley Tax Solutions Open House

Please join us to celebrate the new home of Fox Valley Tax Solutions at 605 West Main Street in Saint Charles. The open house will begin at 3:30 p.m. on Feb. 13 and will be attended by Mayor Ray Rogina who will officiate the ribbon cutting. Drinks and light snacks will be served following the ceremony.

We would like to express sincere appreciation to our valued clients for helping our business grow. It is always a pleasure serving your tax needs.

Press release:

Directions to New Office:

Tax Savings Opportunity – Prepaying your property tax

gears Tax Savings Opportunity – Prepaying your property tax tax preparation 60174We are contacting selected clients regarding a tax saving opportunity that is now available as a result of tax reform (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) that was passed today.

You may benefit from prepaying your property taxes.

This legislation has limited the deductibility of property taxes for 2018 and beyond. In certain scenarios, it will be beneficial to pay your 2018 property tax bill before the end of 2017 and capture the deduction before it is lost.

The following must all be true to benefit on your 2017 tax return:

  • Itemize deductions
  • Pay Property tax
  • Do not pay AMT tax
  • Have the funds available to make a payment before the end of the year

Every county has different rules for prepaying your property taxes. For example, here are instructions for Kane County, Illinois:

Please contact us if you would like us to analyze your specific situation to determine if prepaying your property taxes will be beneficial.

New Addition to Your Formidable Tax Team

Harry and Todd are extremely fortunate that Carol Bly-Julian has joined Fox Valley Tax Solutions as a new partner.  A well-respected Enrolled Agent, her considerable talents are an invaluable addition to our team.

Carol1final-235x300 New Addition to Your Formidable Tax Team tax preparation 60174Carol is a Graduate of DePaul University with a BA degree in Economics. While her early career was focused on Human Resources and Office Management, she soon started her own business and ultimately focused her attention on tax preparation. Carol has been doing tax work since 1999 and became an Enrolled agent in 2012. She has vast experience in business, payroll and sales tax and is skilled in bookkeeping issues. Carol is on the board of several not-for-profit organizations including Fox Valley Chapter of the Illinois Society of Enrolled Agents and her Snowmobile Club. When she is not doing tax work you can find Carol in her cabin up north churning up snow in her snowmobile.

Quite frankly, Carol takes the Fox Valley Tax Solutions emphasis on client service, depth of tax knowledge and continual improvement to a whole new level for us. Her experience in business tax and attention to detail are a perfect fit for the firm as we take the next step in providing clients with unmatched tax services.

Why is my paycheck lower this month?

Increased Illinois tax withholdings!

The Illinois state legislature has recently enacted several ways for all of us to help with its fiscal problems – in the form of new tax law associated with the recent budget.

For your enjoyment….

– individual tax rate increase from 3.75% to 4.95%
– corporation tax rate increase from 5.25% to 7.00%
– limits to some deductions and credits for high income taxpayers

There were some taxpayer friendly provisions…

– New credit for teacher expenses
– Increased credit for K – 12 tuition
– Increased Earned Income Tax Credit

Wage earners will notice more withholding starting in July. Those making estimated payments on the state level may need to adjust those amounts.

Give us a call if you you have any questions or would just like to participate with us in the time-honored tradition of complaining about taxes.…/Bullet…/2018/FY-2018-01.pdf